Shinhwa Broadcast Season 2 [Eng Sub]

Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa Broadcast (Hangul: 신화방송; hanja: 神話放送; RR: Sinhwa Bangsong; MR: Sinhwa Pangsong) is a South Korean variety television programme broadcast on general service cable channel Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (jTBC). It is hosted by six-member boy band Shinhwa:Eric MunLee Min-wooKim Dong-wan (up till April 2013), Shin Hye-sungJun Jin and Andy Lee (up till November 2013).Shinhwa Broadcast is part of Shinhwa's comeback to the entertainment industry in March 2012, after a four-year hiatus, during which band members served mandatory military service. The show is also the group's first exclusive variety programme.

Episode 1
Episode 33

Episode 34

Episode 35

Episode 36

Episode 37

Episode 38

Episode 39

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43

Episode 44
Members’ Speeches
Episode 45/46 BTS Clips

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